Ig Publishing, 2014

    Masterfully written and emotionally packed, these stories seduce and startle, and remind us of the shifting ways we choose to narrate our own lives.


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  • The Tell

    HarperCollins, 2013

    THE TELL is a finely wrought novel about risk: of dependence, of responsibility, of addiction, of trust, of violence. Told with equal parts suspense, sympathy, and psychological complexity, it shows us the intimate and shifting ways in which we reveal ourselves before we act, and what we assume but don’t know about the ones we love.

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    Kinship Theory

    Little, Brown and Co., 2001

    This powerfully involving novel, which marks the debut of a fresh and singular voice in American fiction, succeeds brilliantly in capturing a world rife with emotional hazard—the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

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    The Edge of Marriage

    University of Georgia Press, 1999

    In language that is eloquent and moving, Kaplan's stories speak to the mystery and pleasure of friendship, love, and marriage. This startling and powerful collection is illuminated by keen insight and hope.

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