Award-winning Writer
Her latest collection of stories, UNRAVISHED, is scheduled for release in June 2014.
  • UNRAVISHED, a new collection of stories, available in June 2014:

    • Masterfully written and emotionally packed, the stories that make up Unravished, the new collection from award-winning author Hester Kaplan, seduce and startle, and remind us of the shifting ways we choose to narrate our own lives

    • Hester loves to visit books groups!  Please contact her if you would her to visit yours.

    • Advance Praise

      • "Unravished is a bold foray into the human condition -  a gorgeous, revealing meditation on class, perversity and apocalypse.”  --Carolyn Cooke
      • ", thoughtful, beautiful and wise, full of the small but important illuminations we need, as we make our way through our lives.”  --Roxana Robinson
  • News & Recent Publications

    • Unravished, a new collection of stories and a novella is forthcoming from IG Publishing,
      June 2014


    • “This is Your Last Swim” is forthcoming from Mt. Hope, Fall 2013

      • “Cold-Cocked” is forthcoming from The Newport Review, Fall 2013